Tech Policy Podcast

#203: Super Mathio? What We Learn From Video Games

November 6, 2017

Video games have presented a challenge for parents since their advent. “Get off the couch and play outside!” or “Read a book!” are phrases the host of this podcast heard plenty throughout his childhood. But it’s been over three decades since Pong was invented, and the landscape has changed dramatically. Video gaming has become a professional and spectator sport, and the industry’s impact on the economy is significant. But can gaming also help educate people and build a workforce fit for a high-tech, 21st century economy? Evan is joined by Erik Huey Senior Vice President for Government Affairs at the Entertainment Software Association. They discuss the role of video games in STEM education, what to expect from virtual reality, and how “e-sports” are changing society. To see how your state is impacted, check out

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