Tech Policy Podcast

#208: Data Danger: Keeping Information Safe Online

December 7, 2017

As the saying goes: there are those who’ve been hacked, and those who haven’t just don’t know they have. After over 140 million Americans saw their data compromised in the Equifax breach, they may be wondering: what is our government doing about it? With so many companies collecting our data, should the FTC crack down or would that have consequences for innovation? Evan is joined by Neil Chilson, Acting Chief Technologist at the Federal Trade Commission. For more, see the FTC’s upcoming workshop on informational injury, and Neil is happy to take your questions at

This will also be Evan’s last show, he has now moved onto a new job working for Commissioner Brendan Carr at the FCC. Feel free to contact him at or on Twitter at @SayreEvan

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