Tech Policy Podcast

#290: The Net Neutrality Feud Heads West

April 22, 2021

“America is built on a tilt,” runs the apocryphal Mark Twain quote, “and everything loose slides to California.” So it might be said of net neutrality. The court fight over California’s new net neutrality law is only the latest episode in a long-running battle. TechFreedom’s James Dunstan and Corbin Barthold discuss what got us here (net neutrality ping pong at the FCC), where we are (a state trying to regulate an inherently interstate network), and where we need to go (a federal law that finally puts the debate to rest). 

For more, see TechFreedom’s amicus brief in the California net neutrality case. (And if you’re wondering where Corbin got the concept of “kludgeocracy,” check out political scientist Steven Teles’s 2013 article, Kludgeocracy in America.)

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