Tech Policy Podcast

#297: The Latest on Section 230

July 29, 2021

Section 230 is as important — and as widely misunderstood — as ever. TechFreedom’s Free Speech Counsel, Ari Cohn, joins the show to discuss the latest lawsuits, legal theories, and legislative bills swirling around the great charter of free speech on the Internet.

Update: Ari and Corbin fret, on the show, about the Second Circuit’s grant of rehearing in Domen v. Vimeo — a case in which the panel straightforwardly applied Section 230(c)(2). It turns out that the court granted only panel rehearing (not en banc rehearing), and that it did so simply to issue a slightly amended opinion. Phew! Better yet, the amended opinion cites an article written by Berin, our president, and Ashkhen, a former host of this podcast. For a discussion of that article, Section 230: An Introduction for Antitrust & Consumer Protection Practitioners, check out Episode #280.

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