Tech Policy Podcast

#346: Who’s Afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Episode Summary

Adam Thierer, resident senior fellow in technology & innovation at The R Street Institute, joins the show to discuss the mad rush to regulate AI.

Episode Notes

Adam Thierer profile

Adam’s work:

Microsoft’s New AI Regulatory Framework & the Coming Battle over Computational Control

What If Everything You’ve Heard about AI Policy is Wrong?

Can We Predict the Jobs and Skills Needed for the AI Era?

Flexible, Pro-Innovation Governance Strategies for Artificial Intelligence

U.S. Chamber AI Commission Report Offers Constructive Path Forward

The Coming Onslaught of “Algorithmic Fairness” Regulations

Corbin’s review of Toby Ord’s book The Precipice:

World to End; Experts Hardest Hit


An article taking aim at the “IAEA for AI” concept!