Tech Policy Podcast

#345: Content Moderation Around the World

Episode Summary

Daphne Keller is the director of the Program on Platform Regulation at Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center. Agustina Del Campo is the director of the Center for Studies on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information at Universidad de Palermo, in Argentina. They take host Corbin Barthold on a tour of global “law of content moderation” hot spots—places where state intervention in online speech is ramping up. Topics include Europe’s sprawling Digital Services Act, a new Brazilian bill that regulates “fake news” (as defined by government fact checkers), and the Modi government’s increasingly aggressive steps to censor online speech in India.

Episode Notes

Daphne Keller profile page

Agustina Del Campo profile page

Slide deck for the Digital India Act.

Daphne’s Lawfare article, “The Three-Body Problem: Platform Litigation and Absent Parties.”

Daphne’s new paper, Platform Transparency and the First Amendment.

Daphne’s and Corbin’s appearances at Media Law Resource Center’s Legal Frontiers in Digital Media 2023 conference. (Stay tuned for video.)

Go see Agustina at RightsCon 2023.